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Who We Are at Trinity Church

We are a community of all kinds of people who worship Jesus Christ together, and whose love for Jesus drives us to love our neighbors, especially the poor and brokenhearted. We are not a big church, but we are a growing church, and we engage our community in many different ministry activities.
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Growing, Engaging and Ministering…

We seek to share the Good News of the Gospel through engaging worship, faithful service, and life-long Christian formation while joyfully living out our faith in this community and the world. 

We long for people to have a life-giving, joyful connection with God through Jesus Christ. That longing motivates us to care for our community so that our neighbors would experience the love of Jesus through the daily lives of our members. 

Trinity Church embodies a joyful, friendly expression of Anglican Christianity in downtown Baraboo, anchored by our historic building near the square.

With All of God’s People

Trinity Church believes, teaches, and tries to embody the truth that God’s gifts for ministry are given to all of God’s people.

We promote and welcome the gifts of women in leadership at Trinity Church, including as priests, members of our Vestry (church governing board) and as preachers and teachers for the good of the whole church.

We welcome members of the LGBT community to worship and to all ministry opportunities in our congregation.

People ages 9-99 actively serve in leadership roles for worship and other ministries, and people from every political affiliation call Trinity Church home. 

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is a broad and diverse denomination of Anglican disciples committed to following Jesus as Savior and Lord, committed to intellectual and spiritual inquiry, and committed to serving God by making a difference in the world. 

The Anglican Communion 

Episcopalians are Anglicans.  To be Anglican means to have one’s history rooted in the Reformation Church of England and to be in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The Anglican Communion is the third largest global church next to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.  We represent 80 million Christians in 160 countries.  Visit www.anglicancommunion.org for more information.

Trinity Episcopal Church
111 Sixth Street
Baraboo, WI 53913