9 am Holy Eucharist, varying Rite I and Rite II by season

Anywhere from 75-110 people regularly attend this sung Communion service.  The choir sings during the school year, and the psalms are usually chanted.  Most of the music will be from the hymnal, but occasionally contemporary worship music is also used.  Children are most welcome, although early childhood care for infants through 4K students is provided in the lower level during the service. Busy bags are available in the back of the church for our youngest worshipers.

Christmas Eve 2014 Owen and Alister candles

Nursery/Early Childhood Ministry

Childcare is provided from 8:30-11:30 on Sunday mornings for kids through 4k.  The nursery is located in the lower level. Sunday School meets from 10:30-11:15, and is geared towards children from 4k – 5th grade. During Sunday school, an informal gathering of middle and high school students takes place in the library. Don’t miss it!

All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome to receive Communion in the Episcopal Church.


What to Expect

Episcopal worship takes a bit of practice, so if you are thrown off at first, or get lost in what we are doing, don’t give up!   There is quite a bit of sitting, standing, kneeling, and other Episcopal “gymnastics” during our worship.  There is, of course, deep meaning behind everything.  A good rule of thumb is, when in doubt about what to do, do what the person next to you is doing.  But remember also, there is no one ‘right’ way to worship – so don’t worry about getting it wrong!

Trinity is a ‘churchy’ church.  Ours is traditional (small-‘c’) catholic worship.  But being traditional does not, in our opinion, have to boring or stodgy. A living and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ is anything but!  We hope and trust that the reverence of our worship and the quality of our praise reflects that.

Where to Park

Because of our historic neighborhood building just off the downtown square, we have limited parking.  There is a small parking lot off the alley behind the church with several spots reserved for people with disability.  Otherwise, there is usually plenty of street parking on Sunday mornings on Oak or Sixth streets.  The front entryway is ramped for people who have difficulty using stairs.


Trinity has a long and noble history, and stands amongst the historic buildings of downtown Baraboo.  We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our church and show you around.  Call or email the church office to schedule an appointment for a short tour.

Let us know who you are!

Fill out a visitor card or sign the guest registry in the front hallway, so that we can formally acknowledge your visit and welcome you to our parish. And be sure to sign up for Trinity’s e-news, where you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest information.

How to Dress

Well, what are you wearing right now?  That will probably do.  Some people like to get dressed up for church, and that is fine too.

Christmas Eve 2014 Altar Party

Holy Communion

Also known as the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, and the Mass, Holy Communion is the principal act of Christian worship on Sundays.  People are invited forward by row to kneel or stand at the Altar rail.   The bread is received on your outstretched palms.  The wine is served in a common chalice.  As the server offers you the cup, it is easiest to grasp the base to guide it to your mouth.  If you do not wish to receive the wine, cross your arms over your chest and the server will pass you by.  If you do not wish to receive Communion, you are still invited forward to receive a blessing from the priest.  Indicate this also by crossing your arms over your chest.  All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome to receive Communion in the Episcopal Church.